Mairaa Infrastructures



Established in 2014, Mairaa Infrastructures is one of India’s premier real estate organisations, operating in the residential, commercial and organized retails verticals.

Mairaa Infrastructures diverse portfolio is strategically spread across Residential, Commercial and Organised Retail to cover the entire spectrum of real estate development.

The Mairaa Infrastructures is one of the leading players in several segments including construction and infrastructure development. Not just that they also make sure that great quality work professionalism and customer satisfaction are some of the many things the group represents. In a society where good housing remains a basic necessity, Mairaa Infrastructures is committed to making luxury and elegant homes at a reasonably good speed. In doing so, we are constantly challenging ourselves in order to widen our horizons by making a holistic contribution to the changing Indian lifestyles. We are also committed  to have pioneered the post-sale property more




  • Futuristic
  • Respect for individuals & united as team
  • Integrity
  • Delighting the customers
  • Pioneer at Excellence
  • Quality Maintenance



Mairaa Infrastructuresis an assured name that stands for luxury, reassurance, service, quality & on- time Delivery. Celebrated for its customer centricity and acute sense of aesthetics, the group has served many happy families in providing them their desired dream homes along with a lifestyle that brings true joy in their lives. Mairaa Infrastructures doesn’t make houses but it gives the people their homes which they fall in love for.

While we have been changing the landscape of many places over the years, we have done so with the highest quality standards in mind. We didn't just want to create buildings, we desired to give the city, landmarks with each project that we undertook. That is why, some of our projects have garnered the affection of our discerning customers along with winning many prestigious accolades.







Home is where the heart is. It is also the place where you spend the most of your day and life. Mairaa Infrastructures not only provides a beautiful place to live but make you love the home. Whatever the rest of your day has been, there’s always the reassurance that home awaits you. At Mairaa Infrastructures, we understand and build personal living spaces that reflect the ethos of quality living with the sense of beauty and emotion.